Woman of Wonder launched at city council

Carol Doane, President and Founder of Woman of Wonder Scholarships, spoke at tonight’s city council meeting, Vancouver, Washington.

Fast forward the video to 32:14 to hear Carol Doane speak on why nonprofits should not be taxed by city government. 

Other presenters include Craig Pridemore, pictured below, who provided excellent rebuttal to the city’s plan.

Response to the presentations was positive and resulted in the city taking a second look at how they intended to raise money for the police department. As reported in The Columbian, “Bending to public backlash, the Vancouver City Council is walking back its head tax on nonprofit organizations and moving forward with a new proposal.


October 1, 2018, Vancouver City Council adopted Ordinance M-4239 effective January 1, 2019., making nonprofits that are 501(c)(3)s no longer exempt from paying city license fees.

They are now required to pay the annual base license fee of $200.

Woman of Wonder estimates it will now pay $219 instead of $19.

Business and Special Licenses in Vancouver, Wash. are listed here.