Annual President's Message for Woman of Wonder 2018

The quality of a woman’s life is affected by internal and external resources

Resources, such as knowledge, training and honed skills, are vital to a woman seeking parity in today’s world. Add the challenge of paying for college to gain that next career step with the responsibility of supporting and caring for a family and you have seemingly insurmountable odds.

Woman of Wonder seeks to level the playing field with scholarships that bridge the gap between everyday duties of a woman’s life and a chance to develop a rewarding career.

In its first eight months, Woman of Wonder acquired office space, secured grants for office software and marketing, and started a books to textbooks program.

Women of Wonder’s mission resonated with enough community members, who value education and want to be part of the solution that values the rewards of an educated society, that the first scholarships will be awarded Summer 2019.

The internal fortitude to continue to seek a college degree despite, in some cases, overwhelming odds, along with the external resources of a community that believes in you will:

  • Change the lives of the women we support

  • Stabilize the families they support

  • Benefit our community, thus benefiting all of us

Join our mission today, and make a donation to Woman of Wonder. It’s an investment in good.

Carol Doane, President and Founder of Woman of Wonder

Carol Doane, President and Founder of Woman of Wonder