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Founders Club - First 30 Donors


Our deepest and heartfelt thanks extend to these generous donors, the first 100 to support Woman of Wonder scholarships.

You are the towers of strength and inspiration that make a difference everyday in the lives of others.

Tere Allen

Debbie Anderson Roth


Brides for A Cause

Mike and Megan Burns

Linda Clark

Sylvie Dale

Carol Doane

Kailynn Doane

Wilma & Kenneth Doane

Debbie Dunn

Dina Elliott

James Frederick

Samantha Flaherty

Diane Fyffe-Berg

Mary Ann Glover

Harsch Investment Properties

Ann Shape-Morrison

Melanie Sherman

Michele L. Silvey

Bruce Smith

Greg Thompson

Sandra Tucker

Wendy J Wright

Step up to the Founders Club. Donate, today.

We’re looking forward to adding your name to this list.


Donor Recognition Clubs

Giving Clubs 2018/2019

Join on of these four clubs and drive value with your donation to provide higher education to worthy students

Photo by Patrick Fore

Photo by Patrick Fore

President’s Club


Brides For A Cause, Portland, OR

Photo by  Dyaa Eldin

Photo by Dyaa Eldin

Dream Catchers Club


to be announced

Photo by  Ben White

Photo by Ben White

Semester Club


Carol Doane, Vancouver WA

Photo by  Katherine Hanlon

Quarter Club


Photo by  Omar Lopez

Photo by Omar Lopez


Harsch Investment Properties

Credit Hour Club

$100 - $999

Mike and Megan Burns, Portland OR

Kailynn Doane, Vancouver WA

Wilma & Kenneth Doane, Ridgefield WA

Debbie Dunn, Battle Ground WA

Diane Fyffe Berg, Vancouver WA

Melanie Sherman, Vancouver WA

Greg Thompson, Portland OR

Wendy J Wright, Vancouver WA

Photo by  Annie Spratt .

Photo by Annie Spratt.

Text Book Club

Up to $99


Tere Allen

Linda Clark

Sylvie Dale

Diane Fyffe-Berg

James Frederick

Samantha Flaherty

Mary Ann Glover

Ann Shape-Morrison

Debbie Anderson Roth

Michele L. Silvey

Bruce Smith

Sandra Tucker


in honor of 2018/2019

Photo by  Wijdan Mq

Photo by Wijdan Mq

Olivia Alexander*

Alice Atha*

Kristi Baker*

Charlene Shea*

Thera Bradshaw &
Jeffrey Sleight

Stephanie Bryan*

Shanell Clouse*

Miz Cowen*

Carol Doane*

Kailynn Doane

Tim Doane

Wilma A. Doane*

Debbie Dunn*

Marianne Ewing*

Audrey Halstead*

Katie Ingram*

Jaseea Karst*

Spring Keefe Benson*

Linda Kennedy Keirstead*

Keelie Mahoney*

Michele McDonald-Silvey*

Danyelle McDowell Bales*

Kathy Melendez*

Mina Milligan*

Lael Mode*

Barbi Papenfuse*

Katelyn Prendergast*

Carolyn J. Rose*

Scarlet Sullivan*

Theresa Swanson*

Adele White*

*28 Women of Influence, February 2019


Thank you, everyone for being part of this incredible journey to help women get a foothold in life that offers every opportunity to take care of themselves, their families and participate fully in the community.

Your generosity propels our mission.