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Through education, turning MOMs right-side up to build fulfilling careers.
This is Woman of Wonder (WOW)
~ Carol Doane, Founder


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No matter where you are in life, you can be a Woman of Wonder.

It is the support and encouragement you gift to others. It is the care you give yourself.

A Woman of Wonder embraces life, steps out in faith to find more for herself, accepts the challenge to provide more for her family, and helps others along the way.

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And we thank you for Bringing More to Women's Lives.

~ Woman of Wonder


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Scholarships are awarded to women who are Washington State residents, who are accepted to an accredited college as a full or part-time student, who demonstrate need through a current year Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®), and demonstrate desire via a 250-350 word, personal essay.

Preference is given to single moms, women raised by a single parent, or women on their own with little or no support.

First scholarships were awarded Spring 2019. Upcoming awards will occur mid 2020.


We can't wait to thank you


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We rely on the generous participation of our board and volunteers who reach out to connect with you and share our vision to propel a positive education experience for women in our state.

Thank you for finding your way here and thank you in advance for honoring the women in your life by supporting our mission with your donations to Woman of Wonder scholarships.

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invest in women

Woman of Wonder offers a chance for you to invest in the education of Washington women who desire to design, code, engineer, advance clean energy, develop better farming and winery techniques, sustain natural resources such as forestry, work in medicine, or medical research. Your donation ignites progress in Washington and demonstrates how powerful we can be as a balanced, equally valued and paid team resource: women and men.
The Columbia River rushes through colossal lava flows, slips through rich rain forests, and harsh, semi-arid landscapes. Its behemoth force created the majestic Columbia River Gorge, and on it's way to the Pacific it sings Nature's, lyrical music.
Woman of Wonder dips her oars into the waters and joins the melody, sending ripples of opportunity to women who wish to grasp a chance today and forge a fulfilling career now.


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Wilma A. Doane, the original  Woman of Wonder.  Photo: Lifetouch.

Wilma A. Doane, the original Woman of Wonder. Photo: Lifetouch.

Be inspired

Read about the woman who inspired Woman of Wonder: Wilma A. Doane.