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Wilma A. Doane Fund

Wilma A. Doane

Wilma A. Doane, inspiration for Woman of Wonder

Wilma A. Doane, inspiration for Woman of Wonder


The Wilma A. Doane fund honors the original inspiration for Woman of Wonder,  a woman who had no financial support to attend college and worked until she had enough to pay her own way. She also worked to support her husband so he could attend the University of Washington, and later returned to work to ensure that she and her husband could provide college tuition for their children. She also volunteered for many years at an organization that funded scholarships for women.

Wilma's steadfast path to improve women's lives started when she refused to join the union that wouldn't guarantee her wage would be the same as a man's – for the same job.

During her career, as a respected and revered escrow officer, Wilma mentored many, sharing her knowledge and expertise to insure others could have fulfilling careers.

Now in her eighties, Wilma continues to volunteer quietly and without fanfare. She is a person who accepts individuals as they are, serves as a caring deacon – sensitive to the needs around her, and is a writer of inspirational letters.

Wilma is also an exceptional chef who invites everyone to her table.


Donations to the Wilma A. Doane fund go to the general scholarship fund with a small portion to overhead.

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